Learn more about the founders of 2ene Studio:

Natalia Menache

Architect and Interior Designer, founder of the Natalia Menache Architecture & Interior Design studio based in Mexico City and Mérida. The studio has a track record of more than 13 years developing high-impact turnkey projects in the residential and hospitality sector.
Graduated in Architecture from the Universidad Iberoamericana and the Politecnico di Milano. As a complement to his skills, he has completed various diplomas such as Certified Project Manager at the TEC of Monterrey, Architectural Landscaping at the UNAM, LEED Certification at the Universidad Iberoamericana, and Design Thinking for Innovation at the University of Virginia. He has also been a teacher at the CENTRO University, specializing in Interior Design Project Management. She was recognized in 2020 as Breakthrough Architect of the Year by the World Wide Alliance of Interior Designers and has been awarded several international recognitions for her architecture and interior design projects.

Natalia Casillo

She is a multidisciplinary marketing strategist and entrepreneur with a passion for design and architecture. Graduated in Psychology and Marketing from Northeastern University in Boston, Natalia has channeled her creativity and design skills into the field of digital marketing and sustainable entrepreneurship. Fluent in several languages, including Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese, Natalia has worked on global teams and established valuable international connections.

In 2022, Natalia founded her own agency NARA Marketing Studio, where she combined her love of design with her experience in strategic marketing. The agency focuses on providing highly specialized digital marketing services to clients in the world of design, architecture and real estate development. Her passion for sustainability and eco-friendly design led her to undertake additional projects in this area, such as SCND SKIN, a brand of 3-in-1 bodysuits made with regenerated nylon and scraps, where she seeks to integrate sustainable design into her global vision.