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$ 5,490.00

Our VIENNA rattan-woven lamp offers a design that is both contemporary and classic. Its rustic charm, eco-friendly profile, and tremendous versatility have elevated rattan to a prominent position in contemporary design.


Small: 28cm in diameter x 70cm in height

Medium: 43cm in diameter x 110cm in height

Large: 59cm in diameter x 150cm in height


Synthetic rattan is a material that mimics natural rattan but with significant advantages, including durability and resistance to various weather conditions. This material requires no maintenance to preserve its appearance, is lightweight, and adds a natural look to any space.

Material: Rattan
Size: Small

Product information

To clean the lamp, first remove the dust that accumulates on the fibers. Use a cloth to gently rub the area and let it air dry, avoiding direct exposure to the sun or rain.